Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Coming Wednesday!

Hello Everyone, This is my first time blogging so hopefully I can get through this without it being to painful for you to read. I've started this blog so I can share my card making, scrapbook pages and other crafts with you. I hope that this blog will help you find you creative side and inspire you to join in on the fun. Its no secret that crafting is a stress reliever but besides that its just plain fun! I encourage you to leave your comments, thoughts and pictures of your projects in the comments below. your opinions matter to me!

This is What's coming Wednesday! Each Wednesday I will post about what I'm doing this week and what you can expect to see from me in my Blogs for the week. So for the very first What's Coming Wednesday.... Below are a couple things I have done this week and I will be posting step-by-step at some point before the week is over. Remember to check back daily for surprise items I will be adding at random. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.