Saturday, January 16, 2016

a twist on a "Z" fold

Hello Everyone, I hope your Saturday is off to a GREAT start. It's blustery cold here in Minnesota and the temps just keep dropping. I'm so glad February is almost here. We always warm up in February and get most of our snow. The good thing about it is that the snow melts pretty fast :) A Dear friend of mine made a "Z" fold card and it was gorgeous. I told her that it was super cool because it reminded me of a room in a house. We decided to see what it would look like with a window in the card. She has a different type (more versatile) window than I so we both made a card to see what they look like.
Here is her card:

Her card is Beautiful! I love the lace curtains and the fact that she even made a door with a wreath on it just darling. She even has a Cuckoo Clock on the wall. How cute is that!?!

Here is my card:

I have to say I like her card a lot more. Her window type looks so much better than this one. I tried to add curtains but it just didn't seem to look right because of the arch on top. Oh, wow, I just realized something.....I should've used a solid material and went above the arch to make the window appear as though it was a standard rectangular window....LOL I will try that for sure! I hope that you have enjoyed our cards. We both had a good time making them. It would be really neat to see what all of you can come up with to make a card like this and post it so we both can see. Have a Fantabulous weekend! ~HUGZ~