Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reflections of Strength

Hello Everyone and Welcome, Today I have a card that I did for a Facebook challenge I belong to Called Friends Gatherink. The Challenge was to do a reflection card. Well, Reflection has several meanings and I wanted to show two of them in my card. I wanted to show someone sitting and reflecting on things in her life and I wanted to show her reflection as she sat there. I've never heard of a reflection card. I had no clue as to how to go about it but I followed the instructors direction and I think for my first time, I didn't do to badly. This is what I came up with.

  • This is a little tricky to do at first but DON'T give up. You will stamp your image as you always do.
  • Then to get the mirror image you will stamp the image onto a clean acrylic block. Now you need to huff on the image on the acrylic block several times and then stamp it at the base of the first stamp. If its not a perfect transfer but you can make out what it is PERFECT. If  it didn't transfer try again and huff on it a few more times then you did the first time. The trick is to get all the ink moistened on the block from your breath so that it will transfer, so you  might need to huff a lot. I know I did. hehee
  • once you have the mirror image transferred you will color it in anyway you like. Remember to make the mirrored image a little muted because that's the image as seen in the water. 
  • Once you have that done you can color in your grassy area using a brush, sponge or both.
  • Sponge your sky color and then use a tad bit lighter color for the water on your mirrored image.
  • Once that dries you can take a white pen, I used my Jellyroll, and draw in some squiggles in the water and along your shore line. 
  • I kept the a card pretty plain because I didn't want to distract from the image, but you could embellish it any way you see fits. The possibilities are endless with this technique.
See this wasn't that hard after all and don't you just love the look!?! It such a cool technique. I will be doing this periodically so that I can master it. I want to do something special for my Dad and my Brother. I can't believe how awesome this looks when its done. PLEASE put your blog address in the box below so I can see your Reflection cards, too. I'm so excited to see what everyone makes!! Hugz for now. Jules

I plan on entering this in the following challenges: